Jackson Via Elementary School

Jackson Via Elementary School




Charlottesville Public Schools


Charlottesville, Virginia

Year Completed:

Summer 2019


VS America, VMDO Architects

Photos by: Tom Daly Photography Courtesy of VMDO Architects


Jackson Via Elementary School serves students from Preschool through Fourth Grade.

Charlottesville City Schools decided it was time for a facelift for the school and wanted to explore the idea that furniture could make a dynamic impact for an existing learning environment.

We outfitted each grade level classroom with new flexible and erognomic furniture that would help engage students and allow them to work both in collaboration with each other on group projects, but also work individually when necessary. 

Each grade level received appropriate height student work surfaces and seating options based on the age group of students using the furniture. The furniture brightened up each space and provided a much more inviting classroom experience for the students. 

One unique thing we did on this project is we provided built-in custom storage solutions in the fourth grade classrooms to help set those rooms apart from the rest of the facility.



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